Monday, 12 December 2011

MUSEE Christmas Magical offer is on!

MUSEE Christmas Magical offer is on!
    SINGAPORE, 12 December 2011                                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The MUSEE Christmas Magical offer is now on!

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO, Japan no. 1 premium hair removal salon has launched Christmas Promotion, up to 25% discount for its hair removal*. This  deal, which is available till 25th December 2011, is a way to thank their customers for the continuous support. Having been started from last week, the response has been already tremendous.  MUSEE just expanded the hair removal treatment space in Plaza Singapura
Following up the growing needs among Singaporean women.

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO opened its first outlet at The Centrepoint in February 2010. The second outlet located at PARCO Millenia Walk, the third opened at Plaza Singapura. The salon has received positive reviews and support from the Singaporean women.

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is known as the no.1 hair removal salon in Japan chosen by more than 1070,000 satisfied Japanese female customers. It has won the No. 1 Oricon Customer service ranking in Hair removal category two years in a row since 2009. The salon uses the latest technology which works more effectively on hair roots without damaging the skin, so one can see the results much faster, with painless treatments.

There are currently 120 MUSEE salons in Japan, 6 salons in Hong Kong, 3 in Singapore and 3 in Shanghai.  

    ABOUT THE COMPANY                                                                             

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is located at #P3-13 Parco Millenia Walk ( Tel: 6337 7273), #03-20 The Centrepoint (Tel: 6735 8511) and #04-08C Plaza Singapura(Tel: 6884 3500). Visit for more details.

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO facebook fanpage can be accessed via the following link;

Friday, 4 November 2011

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Get ready for the iPad generation

I saw this cute girl on my way transiting from Krabi to Bangkok. Apparently her traveling companion happens to be her iPad. She was trying to piece the various parts of the bear together and she did it effortlessly. I asked her mum 'Does she mistook the magazines as an IPad and touch them as well'? She said ' not really, but she touches the television set now and then'. While we grew up playing toys and nintendo games, these kids have the best toys of all. iPad leh! So next gen marketers- get ready to engage this batch of constantly wired, media convoluted, multi-tasking and attention seeking kids.

Smirnoffthailand on Facebook

I noticed a higher adoption rate of social media for Brands in Thailand since i stepped on thai ground yesterday. Thais have been known to be highly creative, innovative and cutting edge in their creative ideas. I am not surprised seeing such spirit channeled to their rendition on social media marketing. I saw these billboards last night at Siam station. the concept and board designs certainly caught my attention. check out perhaps we can learnt a thing or two from them.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Increase satisfiers to boost loyalty

in today's wired world, having a wifi connection in a resort is critical in enhancing its customer's loyalty. Although travellers want to disconnect themselves with the Internet world when they immerse into the quiets, I can still see an immense need for them to connect to Facebook, twitter and some otter social networking sites. I say kudos to Sala Thalay - as the wifi is absolutely free here and as a result , consumer's satisfaction is enhanced. check out hertzberg theory which says we need to increase satisfiers and decrease dissatisfiers. so far I would say satisfiers TTM! Epic

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sala thalay Resort

after close to 8 hours of traveling from SG to BKK, BKK to Krabi, I am finally here at Sala Thalay Resort. Tranquil and serene. a perfect getaway.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Interesting Quote

saw this interesting quote at the Dali exhibition at ArtScience Museum

check out the international wine fair by Carrefour in Suntec

Michael Lisboa shares his views in MIS

Michael Lisboa, a renowned creative Director from US had his first taste of addressing the Local crowd in his recent talk at Marketing Institute of Singapore. He talked about how innovation and creativity can be embedded in user design experience and how brands can identify key touch points to enhance their customers experience. the talk was attended by some 15 marketing professionals.

check this out at ArtScience museum

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Content Strategy for Social Media Marketing ( part 2)

6) What’s the distribution strategy?
a) Brand media; outposts, web sites, email or events
b) Earned media; influencer networks, communities or the media
c) Paid media 
Is the brand able to build a social destination?
7) What Formats are appropriate to use
Blog posts, presentations, videos, pictures, podcasts, tweets,
Facebook or iPhone apps or live streams. 
8) Schedule
Remember conversations can’t be turned off like campaigns so
look to plan for a rolling 3mth content schedule.
Consider what will be pre-planned and what will be left to be ad
hoc and reactive?
How will you ensure a constant stream of content?
How are you going to create peaks of interest?

9) Social Agents
Who will be responsible for your social brand?
Will your social agents by a central team, a distributed team, all
employees or an Agency?

10) Actively Listen
To find out what the reaction to your content has been you need
to ensure you have set-up your active listening tools.
What conversations have you started?
What conversations do you want to join? How are you tracking
against your objectives, targets and budgets?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Content Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy Formulation v2.0

If you are hoping to embark on a social media strategy, content strategy formulation is important. There are altogether 10 steps to formulating the content strategy. For part 1, i will be addressing the first 5 points to the strategy.

1) Principles - First off set some principles, this allows for the brand to have a healthy and robust discussion around authenticity, transparency and humility as well as an opportunity to define the engagement policy.
2)Business Objective - 'Why are we doing this?' question, clarify your objectives, link them to appropriate metrics, if possible setting targets and define a budget.
3) Brand Purpose - What’s your Story?
Identify your brand ideal(s).
Dove believes the world would be a better place if women were allowed to feel good about themselves
Fanta believes the world would be a better place if we grew up less and played more
Scrabble believes the world would be a better place if we loved words more
Coca Cola believes the world would be a better place if we saw the glass as half full - not half empty.
4) Content Value (Social Currency)
Entertainment value – Advertising campaigns typically deal in this type of currency. It's worth asking if the idea lends itself to being parodied like Cadburys Gorilla as this can be a potent conversation multiplier.
Personal value - Fame delivers powerful personal value, the rise of Factor type shows and Reality TV shows over recent years indicate the value people place on this kind of content.
Knowledge value – B2B thought leadership via whitepapers is a example of this type.
Monetary value - Consumer PR typically deals in this type of currency with promotions and competitions, the Threshers 2006 40% off Voucher is a great example of this.
Utility value – a lot iPhone apps fall into this category like Sky+ app. Charmin installing 20

5) Sources

Who is going to be creating or producing all this great content for you?
Employees- Zappo the US online shoe retailer encourages all staff to use twitter and even has a leaderboard which introduces a competitive element into the mix.
User generated content(UGC), crowd sourcing and co-creation can also be viable option for some brands.