Want to Flaunt 360?

Flaunt Public Relations

To cut through the clutter and noise of the media environment, a well orchestrated, seamless & strategic public relations plan is needed.

Flaunt PR believes in getting publicity, using the right PR strategy which is customized according to your publicity needs. Whether to complement a Marketing & Communications plan or a stand alone PR campaign, the agency will chart out the communications plan based on your budget and campaign objectives. 

The goal is to create a long-term sustainability in your media coverage that is positive and favorable. 

Flaunt Social Media Engagement

With the advent of new media platforms like twitter and facebook, marketers have started to take notice on how these vehicles can be an integral part of their campaign. The greatest challenge facing the social media fraternity is a matter of ROI and how new media can help generate substantial returns in their investments. 

The truth of the matter is – such new media platforms have generated big waves in the US’s communities – especially the politicians, celebrities, marketers, small medium enterprises and even multi-national corporations have begun to leverage on new media to further their own agenda.   

Flaunt PR will strategise with you - on how you can better maximize digital space to market your services and products. Jump into this bandwagon before its too late!

Flaunt Blogger Management Services

The blogging community in Singapore has become increasingly vibrant and professional. Marketers see the need to embark on a long term blogger engagement strategy to reach out to key influencers in your respective field, product or services. 

Flaunt PR will chart out an effective blogger engagement programme to ensure that conversations and buzz is created on the online sphere. 

Flaunt Training Programmes

Flaunt believes in empowering organisations with the knowhow and discipline of Social Media, Public Relations and Marketing. Companies who are looking to train their staff on these areas could contact us. 

Flaunt One to One Mentorship

Aspiring social media practitioners and PR executives can take on the mentorship programme. If you are interested to learn the ropes of communications, and want a faster understanding to this industry, the one to one mentorship will give you a head start to finding greater success in your career.

To flaunt more, contact us at flauntprsg@gmail.com