Saturday, 15 October 2011

Get ready for the iPad generation

I saw this cute girl on my way transiting from Krabi to Bangkok. Apparently her traveling companion happens to be her iPad. She was trying to piece the various parts of the bear together and she did it effortlessly. I asked her mum 'Does she mistook the magazines as an IPad and touch them as well'? She said ' not really, but she touches the television set now and then'. While we grew up playing toys and nintendo games, these kids have the best toys of all. iPad leh! So next gen marketers- get ready to engage this batch of constantly wired, media convoluted, multi-tasking and attention seeking kids.

Smirnoffthailand on Facebook

I noticed a higher adoption rate of social media for Brands in Thailand since i stepped on thai ground yesterday. Thais have been known to be highly creative, innovative and cutting edge in their creative ideas. I am not surprised seeing such spirit channeled to their rendition on social media marketing. I saw these billboards last night at Siam station. the concept and board designs certainly caught my attention. check out perhaps we can learnt a thing or two from them.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Increase satisfiers to boost loyalty

in today's wired world, having a wifi connection in a resort is critical in enhancing its customer's loyalty. Although travellers want to disconnect themselves with the Internet world when they immerse into the quiets, I can still see an immense need for them to connect to Facebook, twitter and some otter social networking sites. I say kudos to Sala Thalay - as the wifi is absolutely free here and as a result , consumer's satisfaction is enhanced. check out hertzberg theory which says we need to increase satisfiers and decrease dissatisfiers. so far I would say satisfiers TTM! Epic

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sala thalay Resort

after close to 8 hours of traveling from SG to BKK, BKK to Krabi, I am finally here at Sala Thalay Resort. Tranquil and serene. a perfect getaway.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Interesting Quote

saw this interesting quote at the Dali exhibition at ArtScience Museum

check out the international wine fair by Carrefour in Suntec

Michael Lisboa shares his views in MIS

Michael Lisboa, a renowned creative Director from US had his first taste of addressing the Local crowd in his recent talk at Marketing Institute of Singapore. He talked about how innovation and creativity can be embedded in user design experience and how brands can identify key touch points to enhance their customers experience. the talk was attended by some 15 marketing professionals.

check this out at ArtScience museum